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Console 2.6

Version 2.6 final is out for download.

* Addons are now included in Console.swc
* DisplayMap addon, Allows inspecting of display tree
* CommandLine auto focus addon, auto focus command line textfield when it becomes visible
* Removed Cc.remotingPassword. use Cc.config.remotingPassword (must be set before starting remote)
* Basic timestamp display support. Use Cc.config.showTimestamp = true;
* Line number display support. Use Cc.config.showLineNumber = true;
* Key binds allow for key down or key up state
* Multi line top menu
* Support for delete operation in commandLine
* Fixed Issue 90. UTF8 chars failing to send to remote

Download at: http://code.google.com/p/flash-console/downloads/list

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  1. OK. so the swc file did not have addons compiled into it…
    so I have uploaded a new version. sorry about that.

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