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Foos table modding

Modded foos table at my company during my free times (evenings, weekends, etc)


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Heroes VI clone units bug / cheat

Heroes 6, great game.
Was hooked in this game till I found this bug.

It is on "resurrect units" town UI.

Basically, if you don't have a hero garrisoned to the town, hero unit slots are normally invisible on other tabs.
But they have forgotten to hide it for resurrection panel.


  • You need to have some units to clone in town without hero garrisoned.
  • Town must have unit resurrection building  ("Altar of Eternal Servitude" on Undead side)
  • There must be at least 2 free unit slots left in town.


  • Go to resurrection panel of town UI.
  • Drag unit to one of hero units' slot.
  • Click on the unit portrait, randomly you'll notice it spawned a cloned unit stack.
  • Can't remember the exact sequence here, I need to play the game again :)
    But in short you can clone unit stacks this way.
  • Make sure there is only 5 units stacks at any times (don't go over or it will crash)
This have spoiled the game for me.
Because I can make tons of units so easily and enemies get crushed like bugs.
I may have spoiled my own enjoyment here.

This was possible on Heroes VI bought on Steam. Last update, end of Dec 2011.
Not tested on multiplayer matches. I HOPE it doesn't work!

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Terraria item clone cheat

I am sure there is already a full info about this cheat,  but I'd like to write from my exploration point of view anyway.

Quite like the game. I was hooked in the game the whole weekend.

I was first curious how big the world save files are so I found the files here:

(Win 7)

C:\Users\<user>\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds

Then I realised, its just named world1.wld.
So I thought ok, what if I copy the world, will I be able to clone it in game?

The answer is yes.

So here is how to clone items.

  • Put stuff in a chest (or tons of chests in my case) in single player world.
  • Save and Exit world (don't need to exit game)
  • Clone the world file by copying and renaming to world2.wld, world3.wld, world4, world5.
  • Go into 2, 3, 4, 5 worlds and collect the items in chest.
  • Go back to world 1 and deposit the items in chest.
  • If you want to clone even more, repeat from step 2.

I usually keep the original world (world1) as deposit only world now.

And pick up items/gear from its clones only, this way my stock won't run dry.

Cloned stuff can be carried to multiplayer server too.

It was a pain to copy and rename world files. so I made a bat file and place it in the same folder as world files.


COPY world1.wld world2.wld
COPY world1.wld world3.wld
COPY world1.wld world4.wld
COPY world1.wld world5.wld

This assumes you only have 1 world file and it will overwrite worlds 2/3/4/5.
Don't come blame me if you lost your files!

Perhaps, I feel comfortable cheating because I discovered it my self and I felt deserved to use it.
Then again, its not like I am playing PVP and taking advantage over other players. Now that would be unfair.

Cheater out.

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