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My name is Lu-Aye Oo.

I am a game developer at Space Ape Games, mainly working with Unity3D tool.

I used to be a flash game programmer at Electronic Arts, Playfish, London.

I created FlashConsole, and I cover a lot about it in this website.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

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  1. Hi! Added a little check to your BitmapMCData.as:

    if (area.isEmpty())
    area.width = 1;
    area.height = 1;

    after the line 43 (var area : Rectangle = mc.getBounds(mc);)

    This needed because of empty frames on timeline (in some big animations could appear an empty frames – to do a delay, as example) – bounds are zero in that case and new BitmapData(0,0,…) crashes.

    There is a more nice workaround in this case – I should implement a natural frame skips, but… I’m too lazy and busy right now, sorry about that =)

    And, maybe you have an updated classes for the cached animation, but I dont know where to look for them.

  2. Flash-Console is a life-saving plug-in. It has awesomely met my requirement of viewing trace() outputs in my Flash application.
    Thanks a ton, Lu-Aye. May God bless you.

  3. Flash Console is amazing!

    I’m trying to get remoting working between two computers on the same network and can’t find much information on it.

    My code setting up the console is:

    Cc.remotingPassword = null;
    Cc.remoting = ConfigOptions.instance.consoleRemoting;
    Cc.remotingSocket(ConfigOptions.instance.remoteIP, ConfigOptions.instance.remotePort);

    Should remoteIP and remotePort be anything specific? Is it the computer’s IP with the app or the debugger’s computer IP? I’ve tried everything and can’t get the console to connect on different computers. It will connect running on the same computer.

    Any thoughts?

    • I am calling:

      Cc.startOnStage (this);

      before the above code is used.

    • Hi, socket remoting is a bit tedious atm, and yes I should have made a WIKI about it. sorry.

      Here is a short version for now:

      – Receiving end (remote) needs to be AIR app. Use bin/ConsoleRemote.air
      This is because socket server is only supported in AIR and there is no way to do p2p connection otherwise.
      – In the remote air app, type in command line: /listen <your ip on local network> <port>.
      Example “/listen 99″, do not use localhost or
      – Open flash you want to test logging.
      – Make sure that swf file is inside local trusted files list. Right click > Global Settings > Advanced > Trusted Location Settings… > add your dev folder where your swf files live.
      – Type in commandline: /remotingSocket <host ip> <port>
      Example “/remotingSocket 99″.
      Alternatively set up in code Cc.remotingSocket()…
      – This should work, but admittedly it is flakey due to quite a lot of variables involved in the setup.

      Known problems: if you have flash security issues, you will get a ton of “Remoting sync error: Error: Error #2030″ on AIR app and ‘SecurityErrorEvent’ on client side after several seconds.
      This happens if you haven’t set up trusted local files settings.

  4. I wonder if you are planning a starling port.

  5. That would be really cool to have starling port.
    Is there any alternative project to inspect starling content like you can do with traditional playlist. I’m using JunkByte console on daily bases and it have saved me a lot of time. I feel like I could even do a donation to this project.

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