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Just…one…more…feature! (2.51beta4)

I am having problems stopping my self from adding more features.

2.51 was supposed to be a minor release but I was adding small features directly to trunk which in turn forced me to keep them when more bugs are found and fixed for original 2.51 features.

Now... There is 2.52 branch so I shall work safely on new features while 2.51 stays behind on trunk to fix bugs only.
2.51 already grew out of original scope, so... more change logs were added since first beta.

2.51 beta4

  • Major changes
    • HTML formatted logging support. see Cc.addHTML, Cc.addHTMLch
    • Socket remoting support
    • Extensive changes were made on remoting. Older remotes will not work with this version
    • Improved commandLine autocomplete / hinting
      • CommandLine¬†autocomplete is now stepped so that it will stop completion at multiple matches
      • TAB key to accept autocomplete suggestion in CL (in REPLACEMENT of previous SPACE key)
    • Cc.config.rememberFilterSettings to remember channel and priority level settings as SharedObject
    • Minor changes
      • Cc button on top menu changed to¬†Sv with additional controls:
        • Normal click copies all text with channel names to clipboard
        • Shift click copies text without channel names
        • Ctrl click copies using current filtering (channels, priority level)
        • Alt click prompts a save dialog on flash player 10 or above
        • Keys can be combiled. Example:
          • Ctrl+alt+shift click will open a dialog to save logs without channel names using current filters
      • Cc.setIgnoredChannels() to set ignored channels
      • Ctrl click on channel name now use setIgnoredChannels which function slightly differently than it used to
      • SHIFT+scroll wheel to make log text bigger / smaller
      • Reintroduced Cc.minimumPriority
      • TAB key focuses to command line if visible (in addition to previous ENTER key)
      • SWC now include argument names. However it will no longer support importing in CS3 as a component
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed not sending very long lines to remote
      • ByteArray.toString() no longer brake console prints
      • Fixed issue where single Number/int logs to Cc.add, Cc.stack,Cc.stackch, Cc.ch doesn't work

    Preview: http://console.junkbyte.com/2.51/

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