Junk Byte Code for Kicks


Releasing 2.51BETA

Here are the changes.

===2.51 beta ===

  • HTML formatted logging support. see Cc.addHTML, Cc.addHTMLch
  • Socket remoting support
  • Reintroduced Cc.minimumPriority
  • Fixed not sending very long lines to remote
  • ByteArray.toString() no longer brake console prints
  • SHIFT+scroll wheel to make log text bigger / smaller
  • TAB key focuses to command line if visible (in addition to previous ENTER key)
  • TAB key to accept autocomplete suggestion in CL (in addition to previous SPACE key)
  • SWC now include argument names. However it will no longer support importing in CS3 as a component

I am quite excited about HTML formatting feature. need to write more documentation to allow using console's build in CSS formatting and how to declare your own, etc.

Before final version, I need to do some memory profiling to reduce the hilly memory usage when remoting is connected. First thoughts, it is because I am creating new instances (ByteArray) to send buffer every frame.

Download: http://code.google.com/p/flash-console/downloads/list

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