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Just made twitter account for FlashConsole

Please follow: http://twitter.com/FlashConsole

Also there is Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/JunkbyteConsole

I am totally unsure what I am going to post on all 4 places...

  1. Project page on code.google: http://code.google.com/p/flash-console/
  2. Junkbyte blog: http://junkbyte.com/wp/category/as3/console/
  3. Twitter: http://twitter.com/FlashConsole
  4. Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/JunkbyteConsole
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2.51 incoming

Been 1.5 months since version 2.5 release. 236 downloads, not amazing considering the amount of time I put in, but defo better than zero. And I am so happy to work/play around in console.

Moving forward. I've been working on a minor version update which includes:

  • Socket remoting supportĀ (work in progress)
  • Fix not sending very long lines to remote (work in progress)
  • Reintroduce Cc.minimumPriority
  • CTRL+scroll wheel to make log text bigger / smaller (might have to change to ALT key)
  • ByteArray.toString() no longer brake console prints.
  • TAB key focuses to command line if visible (in addition to previous ENTER key)
  • TAB key to accept autocomplete suggestion in CL (in addition to previous SPACE key)
  • SWC now include argument names. However it will no longer support importing in CS3 as a component

Not major but because one of the users is having problems with 'very long logs not receiving on remote' bug, I will try and push this release soon (provided I don't get sucked into WOW this weekend).

Over and out!

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