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Console 2.5 beta 2

The first beta is hit with a nasty bug...
It wouldn't release log lines after it pass the Cc.config.maxLines (default = 1000) so after about 3000 lines, it get really slow when scrolled up.
And ofc, it also means memory leak as it grows.

So get the fixed version here: http://code.google.com/p/flash-console/downloads/list


There are also a few small features to add before final version.

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Console 2.5 beta


  • Object linking where you can click on an object in the log to inspect or get scope for commandline
  • Custom slash commands use Cc.addSlashCommand(...);
  • Custom top menu use Cc.addMenu(...) to add your own menu on top
  • Commandline hinting suggests possible first word
  • /filter and /filterexp will also underline matching strings
  • Magnification in ruler tool

Major changes

  • You must set Cc.config.commandLineAllowed = true; to be able to use full commandline features
  • Commandline can set to visible even if Cc.config.commandLineAllowed is set to false so that /filter and /filterexp is available
  • Cc.stack() no longer accept channel name. use Cc.stackch() for channel
  • Key bindings and password will not trigger if you have focus on an input textfield
  • Removed Cc.viewingChannel. use Cc.setViewingChannel to set
  • Removed Cc.paused. If you want to pause, press P in top menu
  • Removed Cc.remote as it is a special use case
  • Removed Cc.setPanelArea, Cc.commandBase and Cc.runCommand for simplicity
  • Remoting now use ByteArray data format which will break older clients but is faster and more efficent

Console 2.5 is going over 45kb :(

The latest working copy (in svn branch) is now compiling to 45.4kb with compression :(
There is a few small features left to add... ah well...

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