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A lot don't seem to know how expensive (slow) it is to render and display vectors in flash.
Yes,... flash is famous for great vector animations, but it is actually very slow to have too many vectors in one screen (or when offscreen on stage) because it needs to render them every time they get changed to another frame or possibly when moved around too.
Specially in games, this sort of performance issue can effect the player's experience.
Have no fear! BitmapMovieClip is here to help...

Console has arrived

Finally managed to rename the Console source package name to junkbyte.com

That took quite a lot of afford. Had to change all documentations and sample files as well.
I am afraid I will piss some users because I've also made a lot of changes to how console is set up in this new version.
Here is the changes note of the last version:

Version 2.4 BETA

  • Renamed source package name to com.junkbyte.console - to be less personal
  • Move a lot of 'configuration' settings from C. to ConsoleConfig (that you pass at start)
  • Due to security concern, CommandLine is no longer allowed by default. You must do C.commandLineAllowed = true OR C.commandLine = true (to allow and show)
  • CommandLine: no longer auto scope to new return. Enter '/' to change scope to last returned object. Turn on auto-scoping by typing /autoscope
  • Very long lines are automatically split before displaying to increase speed
  • Custom graphing is now passed into remote.
  • Added C.explode
  • Added C.stack
  • Added C.autoStackPriority and defaultStackDepth in ConsoleConfig
  • C.fatal will get auto stack trace by default.
  • External trace call will have channel name as first param, log line as second param and priority as third
  • Removed tracingPriorty, prefixChannelNames, tracingChannels
  • Removed C.filterText and C.filterRegExp - use /filter in interface
  • Removed C.gc() - use memoryMonitor - G button in interface.

Source code and most of documentation will still be hosted in: http://code.google.com/p/flash-console/

AsDoc is now located here: http://junkbyte.com/flash-console/asdoc/com/junkbyte/console/Cc.html

Sample here: http://junkbyte.com/flash-console/

This site will act as a 'blog' and second degree support.
Will be writing more about console in later posts. I always wanted to write all about it somewhere and now I can...

Console Controls:


Hello world!

The junk byte is here. A lot of work to do!

Plan of action.

  • Move coding blog posts from personal site to here.
  • Post some more personal code libraries here and brief document.
  • and... ?
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